We are thrilled to announce the introduction of our new TachoHub. We have been working hard to introduce a Tachograph Hub to our expanding industry covering Learning, Technical & Compliance. 

 We’re confident that TachoHub is industry-leading and will not only cater for all your tachograph technicians’ training needs but will also save your business time and money.

 TachoHub delivers DVSA accredited online courses and also has a comprehensive guide on ‘possible error codes’, installation guidance and up to date advice on legislation changes.

 With a combination of ‘how to’ videos and detailed diagrams, technicians can now complete three-monthly walkaround checks and relevant QC checks electronically, as well as receiving expert advice and guidance on how to install each of the products.

TachoHub has the ability for management to receive a monthly automated report detailing all the results from training courses and checks completed, therefore reducing significant administrative time and cost.

 Finally, as part of our commitment to you, TachoHub has a ‘TechChat’ function with us here at Skillray, providing help and support between 7am – 10pm, seven days a week.

All of this is available for a simple one-off payment of £50 per year. So, to purchase TachoHub or get further information then please call us on 01925 880081 or email


TachoHub Features:


E-learning (Initial & Refresher training)


Continuous learning platform


Light vehicles fitting applications


Error codes


QC checks


Walkaround checks


Seal tracking


Management tracking


Area manager / Central management tracking


Free DM training

Please follow our simple steps below to register.

Step 1

Supply Technicians names, expiry dates & email address.

Step 2

Technicians learn at a time suited to them & your business

Step 3

Track your technicians progress with managers log in

Step 4

Reduced Time / Money.

Please call 01925 880081 for further details.

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